Yes, I am still here...

Once the a leading authority on the pig industry.. (The Australian Financial Review, July 11, 1983, page 1).

Then an 'Australian Bee Expert...' (Bay of Plenty Times Tauranga, December 4, 1989)

Then a University tutor

Then a University lecturer

Then a University Associate Professor

Then a University Research Centre Director

Then thrown out the door like last week's garbage by a psychopathic university managerialist euphemistically described as a Vice Chancellor

Then, perversely, a University Professor

Then a farmer

Always a cyclist: from day 1825 to today - always a cyclist. 

Also a photographer, and a fly fisherman who rarely catches fish but is always lured by fly fishing gear

An artist who dabbles in oils and watercoulour

A dedicated trail runner

Father of two and n+1 grandchildren

From my LinkedIn profile (no longer in use):

As a post academic, I seem to retain some kind of car-crash fascination with reading the profiles of academics and related 'experts' proclaiming proficiency in areas to which they have no reasonable claim. The most tragic delusions always seem to centre around profound miscomprehension over phenomena like being a practitioner (or even some kind of 'expert') of 'multi or inter-disciplinary praxis', particularly with regard to their efforts in 'purposeful facilitation' of community engagement and learning etc etc. All I can say of myself is that I have become a total subjectivist in all things, except maybe in relation to the perfections of bicycles and cycling. And the abject absurdity of contemporary wool prices and of the wool market in general. This profile is intended only as a kind of place marker for those who are wondering 'whatever happened to Dr Gill....?' My main preoccuption is writing and a perpetual search for an editor with the capacity to keep me from being sued...

From my facebook profile (no longer in use):

...Executive Assistant to Jock the Sheepdog, Acaire Thalgarrah


Necessary Revolution 

My Strava Cycling Page